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FNF Doors Vs Rush (Roblox)

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If you are a fan of FNF, you surely follow the release of new mods very closely not to miss a recent version. Today you are going to check out another one of them featuring new songs and a new opponent! The gameplay has remained the same and your goal hasn’t changed – defeat him by scoring more points in a gripping hip-hop combat!

Rap like a pro and gain points!

Hitting the beat in this game is not as simple as it may seem. Aside from listening out to it and timing the movements of your fingers over the keyboards with the rhythm of the track, you also need to keep your eyes on the arrows floating through the screen. They will clue you in on which of the buttons to press next. Enjoy this riveting rap gig where you’re the main performer and see how many points you will be able to score by the end of the last song!

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