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FNF Character Test Playground Remake 6

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Mods are a great opportunity to expand the core gameplay of your favorite game and get a new experience from the process. So far, we have mostly encountered FNF mods that introduced some new characters or moved Boyfriend and Girlfriend to previously unknown locations. But this release brings a much more serious change – now you can play not only as two main characters, but also as all the other characters!

More playable FNF heroes!

You have already met them all on stage many times. But as adversaries. You could watch them from the side, waiting for the next trick, squinting out of the corner of your eye at their progress bar and looking through short cutscenes with their participation, telling the background of the next mod. Now each of them has become a full-fledged game character that you can control while standing on the stage. Moreover, all this does not take place in the format of a competition, as usual, but in the form of a free performance, where you do not have to strain each of your neurons so as not to miss a note, but you can just relax for your own pleasure.

New features, new tracks!

Upon entering the game, you will see a list of heroes that you can play as in FNF Character Test Playground Remake 6. Compared to the previous parts of the mod, it has become even more expanded, and some new songs have also been added increasing the diversity of the musical background in the game. There are tracks of different genres that will definitely please music lovers and fans of everything stylish, classy and high-quality. Start playing right now and find out more for yourself! You will definitely have an awesome time!

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