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Friday Night Funkin Rule 34

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FNF always means wonderful music and incredible adventures in the company of familiar and beloved characters! And this time is no exception. Meet the new Friday Night Funkin mod, which will open up another chapter from their amazing story! You can not only replenish your music library with another portion of incendiary hits, but also have a great time, because it’s never boring with Boyfriend and Girlfriend!

Dive into the world of groovy music!

As in other versions of FNF, here you have to show an impeccable ear and quick reactions by pressing the buttons in a timely manner, which will make the hero sing and dance to the beat. This way you will score points – the higher your score at the end of each round, the more chances to win. There are three rounds in total, so even if in some of them you showed not too good performance, don’t be upset – you will still have time to fix it!

After playing Friday Night Funkin Rule 34 for a few minutes, you will definitely get up from the computer with a much better mood and be positively charged for the whole day. It’s time to relax a little and spend this Friday night in a way to remember it for the whole weekend!

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