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FNF Multiplayer

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Playing against the AI can of course be fun and even challenging. But sooner or later, you start to get bored with it. Very soon you figure out how the algorithm of your bot enemies work and begin to predict their further actions. After some time, your favorite game becomes way to predictable and you want to play it less and less. However, there is a great way around it – trying a multiplayer version! Which now exists for Friday Night Funkin!

Do some funking together with your friends!

Any person who played FNF even once wants to return to this wonderful game and have some more. And now there is an even more fascinating opportunity to enjoy your favorite beats and musical adventures – the multiplayer edition of this great arcade! Now you can find out how great you can do hip-hop playing against real people. And it makes the whole thing much more exciting because it’s not only a great opportunity to spend your leisure with friends in a fun and interesting way, but something that introduces more diversity to the gameplay of Friday Night Funkin. You will surely find it to be an awesome addition to your favorite game!

Easy controls, great pastime and incredible emotions!

So how exactly can you play FNF with your friend? This is easy. One of you gets control of one character, the other player is in charge of the other, located left and right respectively. Each of the heroes is controlled by a corresponding set of buttons on the keyboard from their side – the arrow keys and WASD. Since their positions are much the same, it makes no particular difference whether you’ll get to play right or left. The most important thing is that your fingers are agile enough to press the right buttons on time!

Just like in all the rest FNF games, the task is to earn more points that your rival which can be done by skipping the fewest notes possible. It’s important not just to hit the keys in time with the beat, but also in accordance with the arrow hints flowing across the screen. Besides, you can pick the level of difficulty from easy to extreme which will affect the tempo and complexity of the tunes playing on the virtual stage. Good luck!

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