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FNF Vs Indie Cross

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Look at this cheeky boy. He seems like an ordinary kid from the street – baggy clothes, a worn cap, bright sneakers. These people walk around the city in droves. Except it’s Boyfriend, the rising rap star who you’ll be hanging out with for another week of Friday Night Funkin!

New rap adventures are here!

Boyfriend goes on another musical tour with Girlfriend. They will again have to travel to different locations, meet interesting characters and repeatedly perform on the virtual stage. Under your strict guidance, they will certainly show themselves worthy in this matter and cause a storm of applause from the audience! The game has three levels of difficulty – depending on which one you choose, the speed and complexity of the songs may vary. The main thing is to have time to hit the right keys with your fingers, and this is not at all easy!

Catch the rhythm and set records!

When we listen to our favorite music, we often find ourselves tapping the beat with our feet or drumming our fingers on the table. That happens automatically because our body kind of starts dancing along. But here random movements will not work. Each keystroke must clearly match the prompts on the screen, otherwise the points will not be counted. As you can see, for the successful completion of this game, you need not only a good ear for music, but also excellent coordination. Start training these skills right now by playing FNF Vs Indie Cross!

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