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Friday Night Funkin Week 8

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Imagine that you’re a young guy who wants to get rich, famous and of course impress the girl he loves. How would you achieve that? The easiest answer that comes to mind is to become some kind of a star. The main hero of this game turned out to have a musical talent, so he decided to try his hand at rapping. And he is doing it quite well! Of course, before he can call himself a real hip-hop king, he needs to prove it in multiple rap battles against skillful rivals. And that’s exactly what you’re about to do in Friday Night Funkin Week 8!

New week of FNF waiting for you!

Those who already played FNF know that each week represents a new round of adventures on which the main heroes, Boyfriend and Girlfriend, are always ready to set out. They have no problem leaving their homes and getting to some totally unknown place where there might be various dangers waiting for them. Well, what can you do when you’re young and reckless. And everywhere they go, they find a reason to make some music. Great songs are at the core of the gameplay – you will surely enjoy listening to them while playing FNF and even more so, being the one to directly participate in the performance!

Rap to the beat, enjoy the music and defeat all the opponents!

That’s right, to do well on the stage, Boyfriend needs your help. You will be the one deciding when he makes another sound or movement, so it’s important that all these things are done on time – or rather, in time with the beat. At first, this beat will be rather simple and you will hardly have any trouble following it. But the higher the level the more complicated the songs get. One needs a really good ear to catch all the subtle and sudden rhythm changes the tracks you’ll hear in Friday Night Funkin Week 8 are full of.

The new week of FNF will surely delight you with amazing tracks, charming characters and a new round of adventures our restless love doves never seem to be tired of. Colorful graphics and cute animations make it all even more fascinating and addicting. Check out the eight week of the famous rhythm-based arcade right now and see what else is new and what kind of great songs are waiting for you here!

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