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FNF x NextBots Vs Obunga Beatbox

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Boyfriend isn’t afraid of anyone. Including Obunga. This dreadful creature will be your new opponent in a freshly released FNF mod devoted to the popular horror game. It’s going to be not such an easy encounter because Obunga is really dangerous and your life may be under threat!

Can you defeat Obunga in a rap fight?

The gameplay consists of several songs that will have different tempo and tune. Your task is to catch the rhythm and press the buttons with arrows pointing in the right direction every time there is another beat sounding. Sometimes it’s going to be rather tricky because there might be various rhythmical alternations, especially on high difficulty levels. You have to stay focused on the melody and try to show the best performance otherwise Obunga will kill you and you will remain forever lying in this creepy maze with yellow walls!

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