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FNF 2022

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Are you ready to dive into a new series of musical adventures featuring our old friends Boyfriend and Girlfriend? Then welcome to FNF 2022! In this fresh version of your favorite rhythm-based arcade, you’ll travel through never-before-seen locations, exploring new worlds as always, and meet another bunch of opponents willing to challenge you to a hip-hop duel. This is going to be a fascinating experience for anyone who enjoys music and wants to spend a few hours grooving to some great tracks!

The irrepressible couple is back in action!

As you remember, Boyfriend’s star journey began when he fell in love with the daughter of a former rock idol and decided to prove to his beloved’s father that he was worthy of her love. To do this, he applied to participate in a rap battle that took place at a local nightclub. He knew that Daddy Dearest would be sitting in the hall among the listeners and carefully watching everything that happened. And if he performs at the proper level, he will change his mind about whether his daughter should start a relationship with this guy.

And of course, Girlfriend did not wait for the approval of her parents and happily joined Boyfriend’s performances. Together they traveled through a huge variety of various virtual worlds, sometimes finding friends there, sometimes being in mortal danger. Well, we are closely following all these ups and downs and even willingly participate in them when we have the opportunity!

Feel like a rap star!

In FNF 2022, our heroes will have to go through a new series of hip-hop battles. And despite the fact that these fights will take place on microphones and not on swords, sometimes the life of Boyfriend and Girlfriend will be in danger. Therefore, be on your guard and beware of various intrigues! Focus on the rhythm of the music and try not to miss a single beat. How accurately you hit the buttons depends on the number of points you score by the end of the round. There will be three such rounds in total, and even if something doesn’t work out for you in the first, you can always make up for the situation later. Good luck!

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