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Wednesday’s Infidelity Vs Sad Mickey Mouse

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Mickey Mouse has been very sad lately. Nobody knows what happened to the poor cartoon character, but he is on the verge of suicide. Trying to cheer him up, Boyfriend from FNF set up a little rap performance, and today you are going to take part in it!

Cheer up the sad Mickey Mouse with some good old rap!

Just as usual, you will be standing under the stage lights holding a mic in your hand and preparing to sing. Once the music starts playing, you need to keep your fingers at the ready and start pushing the buttons as shown on the screen. You need to make sure all the arrows on the keys you press coincide with those floating over your character’s head and also with the rhythm of the song playing from your speakers. However, if you want to get a real kick out of the music in the game, it’s highly recommended to use your headphones!

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