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Friday Night Funkin Tricky Phase 4

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Beware of Tricky! He is one of those clowns that are the icon of evil and are even more creepy inside than the garish makeup they wear. This creature from hell is better to stay away from – when he flies into a rage, he transforms into a dreadful monsters that can sweep everything in his way. In this moments, he is especially dangerous. But you can’t leave the stage before the gig is finished. Will you be able to hold out until its end?

Fight Tricky on stage and outperform him in a rap fight!

The battle with Tricky will take place in the form of a hip-hop duel. Each of you will be standing on their respective end of the stage, holding a microphone and singing when it’s your turn. Hitting the notes right on time will bring you points while missing them won’t get you far. Follow the beat of the song and look at the arrow clues – they will help you coordinate the movements of your fingers over the keyboard. The music itself is groovy and amazing, so it will also be a sheer pleasure just even to listen to it as you try to maximize your score and hit several beats in a row to get a combo. Make it as loud as possible and have a blast playing Friday Night Funkin’ Tricky Phase 4 online!

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