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Friday Night Funkin is a rhythm-based game where you have to sing and dance to a set of tracks playing as a young aspiring rapper. The task is to gain as many points as you can hitting the right buttons when you hear another beat. There is also a whole story behind the gameplay telling you how the main character got to become a musician, introducing you to his girlfriend and inviting you to accompany them on their journeys through multiple virtual worlds.

Love, music and lots of mods!

The whole thing starts like this. There is a main hero named Boyfriend who is in love with one girl. To keep all the names in line, the developers decided to call her Girlfriend. Easy to remember and all clear! The girl seemed to be into him too, but there was a problem – her father. He turned out to be rather strict and didn’t want his little girl to go out with just some guy from the street. Luckily, there was a way to impress him – music. And Boyfriend decided to take part in a local hip-hop competition to prove that he is worthy of Girlfriend.

That’s how the first week of FNF begins – the very first original release of the game where you’ll get to meet several interesting opponents on stage, ending with Daddy Dearest himself. Later, there were other weeks as well, with the list of rivals getting longer and including not just characters from Friday Night Funkin itself, but also from other games and franchises. This is probably a game that has spawned more mods than any other (with the exception of maybe Minecraft). Plus there is a special edition allowing you to play not only as Boyfriend, but also as about any other character from FNF you’ve already confronted in a rap battle!

Hit the beat and hip-hop until you drop!

Speaking about the gameplay, it requires you to listen to the song playing closely and catch its rhythm. Your goal is to hit the keys with arrows every time you hear another beat, but not just any keys randomly. There will be a sequence of arrows floating over your character’s head (sometimes at the bottom of the screen depending on the version). These arrows should coincide with those that are on the buttons you press. That will bring you points while missing the notes will diminish your health. There are a total of three rounds in each battle, so you’ll have a chance for a rematch. And three levels of difficulty. Which one will you start with?

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