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FNF Vs Sonic.EXE

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Everyone probably remembers Sonic. When you hear this name, you instantly think back to the times of your childhood when cartoons and first pixel video games about the super fast blue-haired hedgehog were a hot trend. Even now, after decades, Sonic remains highly popular, hence a large number of spin-offs dedicated to the adventures of this amazing character. You can find him in all genres, including horror. In this new FNF mod, you will encounter the dark alter ego of everyone’s favorite hero – Sonic.exe!

Rap against the evil version of Sonic!

This villain looks and acts just like the regular Sonic. However, with a few disturbing differences. His hair is not blue, it’s red, and so are his eyes with an evil glint in them. Since he is just as fast as his good counterpart, it’s very hard to run away from him. But in this game you won’t have to run – you’ll have to sing! It won’t be much easier to confront Sonic.exe in a musical battle because, as you can remember, he is quite a musician himself and even used to have a rock band. Try to outperform him in this riveting Friday Night Funkin mod and enjoy the incredible music that is waiting for you here!

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