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FNF Rainbow Friends

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There is probably no such popular online game that hasn’t inspired FNF fans to make another great mod dedicated to it. And Rainbow Friends is no exception. In this new Friday Night Funkin game, you will have a chance to rap on the neon-lit stage of the notorious amusement park against the cute-looking, but creepy inside monsters living there! Prepare for a heated struggle because your life will be at stake!

Hip-hop against Rainbow Friends!

If you already played Rainbow Friends, there is no need to introduce the main heroes – or rather antagonists – that you will be dealing with this time. They are all too familiar to anyone who spent these eerie five nights in a place where you can fall prey to the super aggressive Blue, blind but no less dangerous Green, constantly hungry Orange or insidious Purple attacking from the water in the ventilation system. Until now, we’ve known them as horrible monsters one should stay away from. But can you actually imagine them singing? You will see and hear that yourself playing FNF Rainbow Friends! Plunge into this fascinating musical adventure with a tint of horror and see if you can outperform the spooky bunch to another series of groovy tracks that the mod makers have prepared for you!

Hit the beat and maximize your score!

The rules of FNF are always the same for every mod. You will be controlling your character with the help of arrow buttons (sometimes WASD are also used). These buttons have to be pressed every time you hear a beat and in strict accordance with the arrows floating through the screen. So it should be a perfect ear-hand coordination. At first, doing it will be rather easy because the music will be comparatively slow and will have a simple rhythm. But as you move through the battle, the tempo will speed up and there will be unexpected variations that you have to adapt to on the go.

In total, there will be three rounds and it only matters how many points you will be able to earn by the end of the third one. However, your current progress is important as well because if you keep making too many mistakes, you might see your health going down. You also need to watch out for any foul tricks your opponents might use and dodge any of the poisonous notes that will appearing on the screen. You can also choose one of the three difficulty levels. It’s going to be a thrilling musical experience, so let’s begin!

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